• Four Combinations Mobile Crushing Plant
  • Output Size: Depends on the material

    Production capacity: 10-810T/H

    Main Feature: Integrated design, self loading belt conveyors. Independent unit to meet the customer needs to the full. Adapt unit to change the main crusher as required. Flexible in function.

    Applications: Medium and small capacity demand,Constantly mobile working environment,Construction waste disposition.


    The Four in one mobile crusher is the strongest one in the K series mobile crushers, combining the coarse crusher, secondary crusher and fine crusher as required, self-loading the conveyors and screening equipments, which can meet all the production requirement with only itself. The comprehensive and strong production capacity makes it the leader of mobile crushers.


    Extended functions

    Exchangeable system for crushing units:8 types of crushers can be installed on the same body. The feeding system, crushing system and screening system can be exchangeable, and extra investment is only one unit equipment. In the short time, the different models of feeding unit, crushing unit and screening unit can be changeable in the same car body. The perfect fit among the systems can be wide adaption in different situation. The crushing function is more comprehensive, so customer’s consumer goods can embody its best advantage.



    Standard Model Screening/Feeding Equipment Coarse/Fine Crushing Equipment Max. preparedness capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension
    Model Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) output(t/h) Transport dimension(mm)
    need tear-down
    KE400C55-4 3YZS1237 PE400×600 350 15-60 45-90 16400×7940×6770(mm)
    GZD960×3500 PYB900 115 50-90
    KE500C55-4 3YZS1237 PE500×750 425 50-100 50-90 16400×7940×6770(mm)
    GZD960×3500 PYB900 115 50-90
    KE400C55-4 3YZS1237 PEW400×600 350 15-70 50-100 16400×7940×6765(mm)
    GZD960×3500 PYB900 115 50-90
    KE400C75-4 3YZS1237 PE400×600 350 15-60 45-100 16400×7940×6765(mm)
    GZD960×3500 CS75B   45-163
    KE500C75-4 3YZS1237 PE500×750 425 50-100 60-100 16400×7940×6765(mm)
    GZD960×3500 CS75B   45-163
    KE400C75-4 3YZS1237 PEW400×600 350 15-70 60-100 16400×7940×6765(mm)
    GZD960×3500 CS75B   45-163
    KE400F110-4 3YZS1237 PE400×600 350 15-60 35-100 16400×7940×6765(mm)
    GZD960×3500 PF1010 200 50-90
    KE500F110-4 3YZS1237 PE500×750 425 50-100 45-100 16400×7940×6765(mm)
    GZD960×3500 PF1010 200 50-90
  • Lead-zinc crushing & processing
    Iron ore crushing & processing
    Gold ore crushing & processing